Micro Hydro Systems

Coanda Power is a proven renewable energy solution. The use of the Coanda Power Box allows fish to safely swim over the intake. The Coanda Power Box allows the river to behave naturally. Thus, no habitat is destroyed. Because the systems are modular and easy to install, even construction is low impact.

Coanda Power provides a very robust source of power. While utilizing a very small physical footprint and low capital and construction costs, Coanda Power installations can provide consistent and high energy output. Because Coanda Power systems have few moving parts, and use water as fuel, the operating cost is very low. The payback for a Coanda Power plant is in the range of 5-7 years.

The technical challenges associated with this green and robust solution have been met. Given the right topography, Coanda Power can be used internationally to make energy. Coanda-based power is the leading source of energy as British Columbia increases its power capacity and moves to all green energy. BC has served as a "laboratory" where problems of building and scaling green technology in a harsh environment have been identified and solved.

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